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Welcome to Tricia Neal's Website

As an Independent Consultant my work is wide ranging and varied, engaging with those involved in education at all levels, here and abroad, supporting and developing the authentic use of ICT in education and encouraging thinking about the role it can play in learning and teaching. For me ICT is moving beyond being a tool within the current curriculum towards becoming an essential element of new ways of learning and a new curriculum.


I work extensively with students, teaching assistants, classroom teachers and children. At Leicester University I am involved in the ICT aspects of the Primary PGCE course, the Classroom Assistants foundation degree and SEN and early years Diploma course for teachers. Through connections with Local Authorities, the Science Learning Centres, hardware and software company’s, clusters of schools and my own contacts I travel the country delivering bespoke workshops and CPD sessions and giving presentations at conferences on the early years theme.

At management level I meet nationally with heads, senior management and other bodies involved in ICT and education, providing support and advice. In association with Granada Learning I am a lead facilitator of teams delivering the National College of School Leadership’s SLICT (Strategic Leadership of ICT) courses for head teachers.