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An art adventure
A further adventure in art history
Monet's home at Giverny
The Royal Academy, London
The National Gallery, London
The Tate Gallery, London
The Louvre, Paris
A place to start your art education....raising subject knowledge....just about every artist....lots of images
Yahoo's directory of Art and Artists
African art
Contemporary Art
Access Art
An evolving collection of online workshops and arts educational activities for use by teachers and students of all ages.
For teachers, educators and artists - AccessArt provides easy access to contemporary issues in visual arts education and an exchange of information and ideas.
For pupils - Pupils will find AccessArt a fun, creative and dynamic learning tool across all Key Stages
Create a face
A machine for manipulating faces.. create your own…
An interactive website that gives an insight into the lives of contemporary visual artists, giving children opportunities to reflect upon works of art and be involved in virtual activities, e.g. decorating a plate using virtual tools and slips