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Data Handling

Science Clips BBC
Sorting materials at KS1
All about Animals
A graphical database produced by the Northern Grid for Learning to support the teaching of ICT, particularly Unit 2C of the QCA Scheme of Work: Finding Information. It is also a useful non - fiction resource for use in Literacy.
The NAACE Primary site has a database to help Sherlock Holmes solve some crimes. A resource for data handling linked to history and literacy.
Greenfield Road
The NAACE Primary site has a 19th Century database of the residents of Greenfield Road. (3 levels of difficulty).
Titanic Database
A data base to search. Make a search for all the women.. Click on a names from the resulting list to find more details.
Census at School
Children's Census Collecting and disseminating real data for use by teachers and pupils. in data-handling and ICT learning and teaching
BBC Schools KS1 maths activities and printed sheets. Look through the selection.
The Furbles
Furbles is an interactive probability and statistics application. It generates populations of creatures with various attributes. They can self-organise into statistical representations of themselves. Wonderful for understanding about data handling and for using on whiteboards.
A free graph making application…five different graphs and charts to use and printout..useful for quick whole class demonstrations