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Early Years

Foundation stage

Guidance for ICT in the foundation stage from NGfL


Early Years  

Guidance for ICT in the Early Years from NGfL


MAPE - supporting the Early Learning Goals

ICT in the foundation stage suggestions with Web links from MAPE


Robert Hitchams School

Robert Hitchams School Suffolk ideas and resources for Foundation ICT


The British Association for Early Childhood Education

Early Years Online

Learning and Teaching Scotland supporting early years care and education


Under 5's  

A site for all working with Early Years children with resources, ideas, e-mail discussion and links to important sites.

Lovely photographs in the Pre-school themes: autumn, harvest festival, minibeasts and spring.

Camelsdale School

Useful curriculum PowerPoint activities to download from Veronica Carter and colleagues


The BBC Education site

Search for Little Animals Activity Centre, Words and Pictures, Tweenies and Teletubbies to start with.


BBC Teletubbies     

It’s a BBC site so plenty to use in a clear format.



Lots of fun interactive ideas to support the planned delivery of the Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals.

Storybook website  

A site based on popular children’s stories by authors Scoular Anderson, Debi Gliori, Mairi Hedderwick and Frank Rodgers For ages 5-8.

The site contains a range of interactive activities s well as audio and video of the authors talking about their books.

Number time


Sebastian Swan       

The home of Sebastian Swan !!

Big books on line from Kent


Sebastian and numeracy



A page to support the TV program


Chateaux Meddybemps     

Lively interactive activities to support mouse control and

promote lots of talk between children and the practitioner.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Children can read, play with and even e-mail the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


The Dr Seuss site


Fun with Spot

The Spot page has many traditional foundation activities on screen and interactive



Bright, bold and cheerful activities with lots to talk about and lots of decision making but be aware that it is a shopping page too.


Enchanted Learning

Not to be missed, an enormous selection of activities and resources


Early Birds Music    

Includes music for Early Years.


Red Yellow Blue      

Allowing young children and those with special needs to explore colour – a delight. Part of the Access Art Site.


The BoohBah site   

A wonderful site with lots of simple cause and effect activities.

Click on an object on the page and another activity opens.

Lots of mouse clicking, colour matching playing with sounds.

A spin off from television.



Colourful pictures, pleasant music and gentle games teach letters, numbers, simple math, and rudiments of reading.


The Mouse Club

Lots of useful games activities and adult help.


Weather Teddy         

From the Anglia Campus site


Thomas the Tank Engine


Ranvilles Infant School        

Ideas and activities, including downloadable 'games', very useful


Poison Rouge   

A wonderful site for early years children, lively and exciting with such a range of activities supporting all areas of the foundation curriculum



Local Grids


Birmingham Grid            

For Learning – a good range of early years activities.

Kent NGfL                        

Ideas for reception teachers


Northern Grid for Learning


Ideas for ICT and art activities.