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Design & Technology

This site has many resources and activities for all curriculum areas.
How things work
Constantly updated.
The association for Design and technology teachers.
The Design Council
Keystage 3 & 4
School website
With lots of other links at the bottom of the page.
Vegetarian Society
Lots of modelling as ideas are tried out and rules established
Making decisions and trying things out
Go straight to Kid Safe Mini-Miser to create individual Lego characters
Office Planner
A download from the IKEA site to plan an office. Tables and chairs can be dragged and dropped into layouts, viewed in 3-D, tried in different colours and printed with the total cost of the office.
Kitchen Designer
Drag and drop kitchen units and appliances into layouts, view them in 3-D, try different colours, print your design.
A sophisticated bridge building simulation ….scroll down the page to find it
Super city planner
Working within a budget to plan a city.. can you do it?
City creator
Drag and drop components to create a City
Design a robot
Design a robot for a range of extreme environments and test it out