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Coxhoe Primary School      

Many, many useful resources for Geography across the age range,

for learning and teaching



This site has many resources and activities for all curriculum areas.


Primary Geography Page   

Recommended by the geographical Association


Night and Day - real time!   

Useful for seasons day and night and passage of time.


Images of the earth  

Nasa's Earth Observing System EOS is enabling an improved

understanding of the Earth as an integrated system.


U.S. & World News


Where in the World?

To hire a car/book a flight/book a room etc.


Explore !!   

Further geography sites


Snaith Primary School         

This school site has many activities, created for their own use,

to support work on geography topics through out the school.

Well worth a look.


Local Times around the world







The best Volcano site on the internet?

Up to date images and information about volcanoes around the world




Geograph British Isles         

The Geograph British Isles project aims to collect a

geographically representative photograph for every

square kilometre of the British Isles.

You can upload a picture or use the pictures and their location in

classroom activities.

Don't forget to acknowledge the ownership of any photos used


Virtual Walk in Wales (1)     

follow this link to all the resources for an activity on the

Teachers Resource Exchange activity


Virtual Walk in Wales (2)     

Straight to the interactive map of the walk. A model for

children’s own work perhaps



A route planner


Drayton Manor          

an example of a pictorial map, enlarged it can be used to

plan a day or as inspiration for designing your own           

Enter a postcode to pinpoint a place on a map and an aerial photo


The Ordnance Survey site   

Free downloadable maps


Google maps

Enter a post code and follow roads, motorways and

rivers at a range of scales. Give direction also.



Google Earth

An application to download. Start from space and

zoom into places for a better look. It shows roads, railways, borders





World Climate      

Search for weather information about major world cities


Met Office    


European and world weather 


Storms in Australia  

Thunderstorm images





River World   

An excellent source of information about rivers for

teachers and children, including Winnie the Pooh's

voyage down the River Thames with photographs


BBC Barnaby Bear  

Where is Barnaby Bear? Games stories and pictures

around Barnaby’s travels


River Trent aerial photographs


Water Science for School (USA)   

Includes a water cycle


Water Aid site          

A small but useful model about a village getting a water


Rivers and Coasts   

A useful resource including animated diagrams,

linear text presentations for children and printable worksheets.

Includes an animated water cycle activity




The River Ribble from source to sea         

An excellent river resource. Children can follow the course

of the river ribble using links on a map. Each point is

illustrated with photographs and short informative text.


Coastline 2000         

A coastline survey suitable for KS 3&4.

Take a look at the 'beach watch' for environmental issues





Rutland on line          


St Lucia                              

One of many sites about this beautiful island


Dorset's Antarctica project






Encourage the town to recycle and see the benfits

The National Energy Foundation    

A useful site for information about energy saving.

Look for the renewable Energy Education Kits in the schools

section and the quiz in the Energy Advice


Environmental issues          

paper and online activities





Young TransNet

Uses IT and the Internet to assist children and

young people in transport research and action.