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The Home of Sebastian Swan
A big book for key stage 1 (or beyond?)
This site has many resources and activities for all curriculum areas.
Storybook website
A site based on popular children’s stories by authors Scoular Anderson, Debi Gliori, Mairi Hedderwick and Frank Rodgers for ages 5-8. The site contains a range of interactive activities s well as audio and video of the authors talking about their books.
Sutton on Sea primary school
Home page>Playground>Learning Zone>Story Starts,
The Year of Reading
Sainsbury's Virtual Museum
Resources and notes for literacy activities.
For shared reading …
Text disclosure program to download
Test your spelling
(a page to support his TV program) there is an interesting page on making the TV program for older children.
Puffin book club
Go to the living room for links to authors.
Anne Frank
An essential site for any child reading the diary. Educational activities should be on-line soon.
The Dr Seuss site
Eric Carle
An author -Children can read, play with and even e-mail the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Treasure Island
A superb site - well almost - lots here for children to reference while reading this classic.
Alice in Wonderland
An Interactive Adventure! There's a whole terms work here. Great book, great site.
If you're into Goosebumps, you'll love this. A good, interactive site.
A large site, full of fables and the associated morals.
Lancashire Textease examples
Clicker grids to download and support information.
Oxford Reading Tree
The Dorling Kindersley site
On line reviews, booklists and other resources for teachers and children.
Waterstones Book shop
Poetry writers
This is a great resource for poetry writers; I particularly like the e-mail idea.
Poetry Society
Interactive word playground, from the Poetry Society. The Poetry Society has an outstanding reputation for its exciting and innovative education work. Take a look at what if offers
John Hegley
Go to Net Words where there are poems from each of his books and the introduction has John reading
Poetry Class
The Poetry Society and the DfES join forces to take the fear out of teaching poetry.
Children's writing
Lots of children's writing and some interesting e-mail ideas.
Children's Storybooks Online
Virtual literature - great stuff too - divided into different age groups - this site is definitely worth including in your Favourites folder. - this is a counting activity / story – lovely.
Stories from the Web
From Birmingham libraries - a site for 8-11 year olds. Read stories, e-mail authers and write reviews
Links to dictionaries and thesaurus
Screen reader
Proof read text by listening
Colins Word Wizard
Lists of ites containnig good information on specific subjects
Writers Toolkit
Looks at the different parts of stories and how they are put together. Clips of authors talking about how they write stories.