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Mathematics Association
The Framework for Literacy and Mathematics
Mathematics section
Maths Year
Continuation of the Maths Year web site
Maths magazine to enrich maths teaching. Very good for Key Stage 2.
Maths treasure trails
Prime numbers
Magic squares etc
Maths with everything
Fun Brain site
Lots of number activities (American site)
Help your child learn maths at home
Brain teasers from America
Maths Magnet for Key Stage 1
Maths Zone
A lively site.. well organised with links to other useful activities online maths activities for the who school.
Fraction activities
A selection of sites to support and enliven work on fractions. Some are interactive and would be used with a whiteboard
Fraction activities
New Zealand Numeracy
For good problem solving activities
Visual Fractions
Number lines, circles, numerators and denominators, identify, rename and games
Maths Online
Simulations for Maths, grow and Alien plant and Bath time with Archimedes
Are you ready to take the challenge?
Electronic Telegraph
Leads to the front page, scroll down and select 'weather' from the list at the bottom of the page. Click on 'World Weather' to the left of the map.
National Lottery Numbers
Census at School
Opens the home page for Leicetershire. Follow the Education links to the primary numeracy site
Birmingham Grid for Learning
select ‘Learning activities’,index