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ESP (Compose)
The site to find out about Compose and the new Dums orchestra package.
Children's Music Workshop
Sites related to music some beyond school
Youth Music
This site is about all sorts of music for all sorts of young people from garage to gamelan, jazz to jungle, brass to bhangra, folk to funk.
Early Birds
Music for Early Years, Primary & Special Children
National Association of Music Educators
Music Teachers' Resource Site
Since 1996 they have helped thousands of music teachers and teaching students with their queries, lesson ideas etc.
Enhancing Music with ICT
National Curriculum in Action: Music
Play Music!
An interactive site illustrating the instruments of the orchestra. Each chosen instrument has descriptive text and good samples of music played by the instrument. Meet American players of the instruments.
An example to extend QCA music unit 18 from Cumbria
Dance ejay
Download a free sample of this lively modern composition package.
Making tracks
Radio 3 music games involving listening and following tunes and much more
Music House
An early years musical activity. Opportunities include listening to instruments, recognise them and copy rhythms
Onion Street
The place to make, talk and listen to music…