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Religious Education

National Curriculum in Action         

Level descriptions with some examples for early levels

but watch the site for additions


RE exchange

Includes information on shared resources and shared ideas


Culham College Institute - Main Index        

A small development and research organisation working

in the areas of religious education, collective worship and church schools.

One of its strands is developing curriculum resources and teacher support.


The Resite   

A Useful site… look at the Junior pages first



Fuel for the teaching of RE,.. resources, calender and links


Dottie and Buzz         Linked to a Channel 4 Learning series

aimed at the early years.

The online activities have key RE themes with a focus on

Christianity will stand alone without using the TV program.


Schools and LEA


CLEO- Cumbria and Lancashire   

Multi-media resources on Greek Orthodox Christianity and

Gujurat Hindu Temple and art based resources for Buddhism

Select KS2 RE



Lesson plans and resources for KS 1 & 2 about other faiths

and their places of worship


Birmingham Grid for learning         

Includes interactive 'Classroom Activities'; 'Worksheets';

'Web Projects'; and news for teachers,

along with 'Sacred Places in Birmingham' and web links


Bradford Edunet

Resources from Bradford Interfaith Education Centre.

Includes virtual tours of places of worship,

and background on marriage in different faiths



Stories & scriptures, cross referenced by religion and theme

select a subject area from the drop down menu to view the stories


Information about world faiths including Humanism


Snaith Primary School         

Welcome to India. see especially the sections on Diwali;

the River Ganges and Bombay


Woodlands School Kent     

English traditions, customs and culture. Look at 'Around the

year in Britian' for information about the main religious festivals


Coxhoe Primary School      

Many, many useful resources for RE across the age range,

for learning and teaching







Hibbert Assembly 

Material provided by the Hibbert Trust for assemblies



Assembly plans on topical themes, created by teachers


World Religions


On-line Bible





Information about the history and present life of the the order


The Vatican


Jewish New Year     

Link to a downloadable powerpoint presentation on the

Jewish New Year and other information



Useful as information for teachers





An amusing site with Eastern Philosophy, Buddhism,

spiritual development running through

A webquest 

Children find out about Noah and his story by looking at selected websites


The Wailing Wall      

A webcam on the wall... and other information



A guide to Judaism ( and other religions) from the BBC world service

The Big Myth 

Educational web site…… collection of traditional creation

myths from around the world looking at how do different

cultures view themselves, their world and their origins….

includes teacher's areas with a forum and the facility to

publish children's own stories



About three Christian churches and their activities





Amnesty International




Christian Aid         


Save the Children