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This has many resources and activities for all curriculum areas.


The Association for Science Education    

For professional interest and support



For starting a search for science resources.


GridClub a DfES website


The Cadbury Learning Zone           

Yowie environmental education site.


Planet Science Year

A must (was Science Year)


AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust       

Keep up to date with the latest primary science teaching ideas.  

The Guardian Offers lesson plans for KS 2 science


Science clips BBC


Planet science under 11's   

A section of the Planet Science site especially for the under 11's


Concept Cartoons   

examples information and support


Oxford Science Free Pictures


How stuff works




Museums and Centres


Natural History Museum


Science Museum       


The Exploratorium – the Museum of Science,

Art and Human Perception in San Francisco


Jodrill Bank                 


National Space Centre, Leicester



The science discovery centre in Cardiff.


The Deep                    


Show me!                    



Sc 1 - Scientific Enquiry




Roger Frost’s Dataloggerama

Lots of articles about science and ICT.


Roger Frost’s Dataloggerama

Ideas for experiments in sensing.



Sc 2 - Life processes and living things




Snaith School Site


Science Links from Kent


Pond Explorer 


Grassland explorer


Woodland Explorer


World Wildlife Fund





Active Science


Kids Ark      

For those who have a pond, or would like one

Lots about frogs and toads.


Exploratorium            More about Frogs.


All about Animals





Your Body


Well Town


Galaxy H


Wired for Health





The AES Bug club for young Entemologists





Active Science


Educational Web Adventures


Build a Prairie 




Walking with Woodlice


Planet ARKive 





Plant force



Sc 3 - Materials and their properties


Changing Materials 

Have a look at the science lessons about melting etc for KS 1


Separating mixtures of materials   

An interesting site about rocks.





Solids liquids and gasses


Fashion Victim



Sc 4 - Physical Processes


The Primary Online


Earth and Moon viewer




Science year - model          

A planet model


Phases of the moon


Parachute simulation           

Science and forces, create a parachute to for a successful landing


Roller coaster designer


Engineering Interact



Microscope Sites


Intel Play                                

questions and answers about the microscope


Science year               


Technical information about all microscopes


Ideas for using the microscope