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Visit the My Computer My Way website and make

the computer safer and easier to use for those with particular needs


QCA guidance         

QCA guidance for planning, teaching and assessing the

curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties.


BECTA's Inclusion site



Directly to the SENCO mailing lists- have a look at the

range of support groups.


Basic Skills Agency         


Download a screen reader



A National Organisation for Teachers of Pupils with

Severe Learning Difficulties.



National Association for Special Educational needs.


Chatback Trust         

The Chatback Trust provides electronic mail to special

schools in the UK and abroad to enable e-mail penfriends.


Downs Ed Trust



Scope is the largest charity in this country working with

people with cerebral palsy and their families and carers.

The National Autistic Society 



The National Association for Gifted Children is a

membership organisation, comprising parents, teachers

and other interested adults.


Royal National Institute for the Blind. The internet has

the potential to give visually impaired people access to

information on the same terms as sighted people.

The RNIB demonstrates how this potential can be realised.



Royal National Institute for Deaf People.

How can hearing people communicate effectively with Deaf people?

The RNID offers practical advice and services to improve the everyday

lives of people with hearing loss.



Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education. CSIE is an

independent charity committed to working towards an

end to all forms of segregated education.


Hoagies gifted and talented



Spellaroo is a motivating way to help Key Stage 3 pupils

with their spelling.

Particularly appropriate for Special Needs pupils.


Wacky Web sites


Grammar Gorillas    

Special Needs pupils working on sentence construction will enjoy this.


BBC schools support pages